Buy a car from a dealer here’s what to do

Want to buy a car? Test drive, offer, contract… Here are the steps to follow.

Buy a car from a dealer is an important moment in the life of every driver and it is critical to carefully follow certain steps. Let’s start by saying that, before going to the car showroom, you must already have understood which car you can afford and you must have made an accurate assessment of the car . Subsequently it will be essential to carry out a test drive, discuss the set-up, open the phase of negotiations for the price, check the conditions of the loan. Let’s suppose you have found the perfect car: only at this point you can proceed with the purchase of a new or used car from a dealer .

Here are all the steps to take before concluding the purchase of a car at the dealer :

  • Test Drive
  • Purchase offer
  • The signing of the contract
  • Insurance
  • Car registration
  • The change of ownership
  • Get behind the wheel of your new car

You have chosen the car and the dealer from which to buy it after carrying out online searches, and you have made an appointment thanks to the contact info on the site.

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Now is the time to get serious. Since you have already done all the necessary research in advance, you know in advance what the new car can offer you. Before purchasing the car from the dealer, take a test drive. This will allow you to check the characteristics of the desired model on the road and make sure you have made the right choice. Always remember that a test drive is only a test and will not bind you to buy a new car.

How to formulate the purchase offer

The dealer has given you all the information about the car you have tested, highlighted its features and benefits, and is now going to show you the various pricing options. The time has come to negotiate ! Dig into the details and make sure you’ve asked everything about available discounts and promotions. Read carefully the dealer ‘s offer and check which discounts have been put in black and white. If you are including your old car in the deal, highlight its strong points. The dealer will reserve the right to evaluate the price with the help of a specialist, but remember that this figure is negotiable.

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The signing of the contract

Once you agree on the price, you’ll need to meet with the dealership’s finance and insurance product manager. This is a phase in which you will have to make important decisions as you will be offered additional services, such as extended warranties. Read carefully everything that will be offered to you, but remember that you will not be forced to buy these extra services. However, should you be interested, you can add them to the final purchase price and include them in the total loan.

Read carefully the new or used car purchase agreement from the dealer. It will have to indicate the price, options and packages, preparation and transport costs, financing costs, as well as the monthly instalment to be paid with the related interests. Remember that once you have signed the contract, you will be bound to respect it. This is also the time when you can apply for a loan. To find out if your request to buy a car from a dealer will be accepted, it can take from a few minutes to a couple of days, unless you have decided to pay in cash or have already requested a loan from a bank. .

In case you are about to buy a used car from a dealer, always remember to have the clause relating to the annual warranty for any defects in the car put on paper .

Take out a new insurance

After meeting with the dealership’s head of finance and insurance products, you will need to contact your insurance company with the license plate number of your new car to take out a new policy. The company will send you a provisional insurance document that will allow you to drive on the road. Without this certificate you will absolutely not be able to circulate.

Car registration and The change of ownership

In addition to the insurance certificate, it will be essential to have additional documents for purchasing a new car from a dealer.


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