2003 direct tokunbo toyota camry at affordable price

Badagry    03-02-2020
On Request


OFFICE ADDRESS: 2025A Badagry expressway, operation
2-Enforcement office, seme border
Prices of some Toyota cars
Toyota Land Cruiser-N1,850,000
Toyota Prado N1,850,000
Toyota Corolla –N550,000
Toyota Camry –N3OO,000-N900,000
Toyota Avensis – N400,000-N1,900,000
Toyota Yaris – N450,000-N2,000,000
Toyota Avanza – N800,000-3,500,000
Toyota RAV4 SUV –N650,000-3million
Toyota Hilus Pickup-N950,000
Toyota Dyna Truck – N950,000
Toyota Hiace Bus – N950,000
Toyota Coaster Bus 32 seaters N3.5million
Toyota highlander- N500,000 - N4million
Toyoya sienna -- N350,000
Toyota Avalon -- N750,000
Prices of some Peugeot Cars
Peugeot 206 N350,000
406 N500,000
prices of some Honda cars
Honda Civic cars – N450,000
Honda Accord – N600,000
Honda CR-V – N950,000
Honda Odyssey – N550,000
Honda Pilot – N1,700,000
Hyundai Accent #650,000
Hyundai Entrant #600,000
Infinity FX35 #800,000
Infinity FX45 #900,000
Lexus GS #1,000,000
Lexus GX460 #1,950,000
Lexus GX470 #2,000,000
Lexus LX 570 #750,000
Lexus RX 300 #2,500,000
Lexus RX 330 #900,000
Lexus RX 350 #1,500,000
Mazda 626 #450,000
Mazda MPV #650,000
Mazda Tribute #850,000
Mercedes-Benz C-Class #650,000
Nissan Quest #400,000
Nissan Sentra #850,000
Nissan Xterra #850,000
Audi A4 #400,000
Audi A6 #550,000
BMW 3-Series #650,000
BMW 5-Series #750,000
BMW X5 #800,000
BMW X6 #950,000
Infinity FX35 #900,000
Infinity FX45 #900,000
Infinity QX4 #950,000
Isuzu Trooper #750,000
Jaguar S-Type #500,00
Please ensure that you have the soft copy of the following documents
before you begin Application
All new buyer should make a scan copy of:-
a. National id card or international passport
b. Local government of origin
c. Birth certificate
d. A single passport for your registration form
e. Eighty five thousand six hundread and fifty naira (85,650) for the registration fees
d. 24 hours registration period guarantee