Safety at

At the safety of our users are our utmost priority and, while the majority of those who use do so without consequence there are instances where we receive reports of individuals attempting to defraud / scam members of the community. It is because of this that we believe that one of the best ways to have safe dealings with respect to the possibility of being scammed or defrauded is to ensure that all transactions take place locally (in-person) in well-lit and highly trafficked areas.

Please ensure to respect the following preventative measures when using

  • When purchasing or selling on, ensure that you meet in-person in order to inspect the authenticity of the product and then exchange funds.
  • When purchasing or selling on, meet in-person, in well-lit areas and highly trafficked areas such as a mall / local plaza. Take every safeguard including but not limited to letting friends and family know where you will be, the details of the meeting and when you expect to be back.
  • Instead of carrying cash, consider paying for your item using reputable third-party payment processors or organizations that can securely link your bank account/credit cards. It is highly recommended that you refrain from mailing a cheque or sending funds via wire transfer to sellers. Furthermore, scammers will attempt to use false documents from legitimate organizations in order to coerce you into using services other than those outlined above. first and foremost is a local classifieds website as such, it is best to avoid such situations by keeping dealings local.
  • Be wary of emails asking you to confirm your account or login credentials when not requested by your person. These actions are usually related to phishing emails by scammers trying to gain access to your account. Note, any email that is sent by requiring you to log in will bring you directly to Furthermore, before entering your credentials, the login page must show up as being secure in your web browser.
  • Be wary of common scams.Take the time to evaluate the listing in its entirety:
    • does the listing price seem realistic for what it is offering?
    • be wary of low resolution photos or those that look ‘too professional’ - always investigate
    • never pay in-advance
    • avoid ads that request personal information such as age, name, phone number, email address, income, gender and more sensitive information such as your banking information as these are often attempts to store information - report such listings to immediately.
    • Inform of any attempted prohibited actions or suspicious emails, ads, or any other activity by community members. If you are a victim of fraud, alert the local authorities and notify us.
    • Use common sense if something sounds too good to be true - it probably is.

Remember, is a local classifieds web site and while we try our best to do so, not all ads are reviewed prior to them going live on the platform.