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An effective cover letter: the attachment that cannot be missing when you send your CV.

Do you want a good cover letter template?

Cover letter definition

The cover letter meaning is a bit like the packaging of your curriculum vitae, it is in fact the first thing that the recruiter will have before your eyes and from which you can grasp the reason why you are worth more than the other candidates. It is therefore important to pay close attention to the drafting so that it is a good cover letter example. First of all, it is necessary to adapt this free cover letter to the company you are proposing to, customizing it from time to time based on the type of job you are applying for. As with the curriculum vitae, the aim is to demonstrate to the recruiter that you are competent and interesting, but above all in line with the position considered.

The presentation letter is therefore to all intents and purposes the “explanation” of the curriculum and in this sense it should tell and connect the information it contains, underlining the path you have followed so far.

How do you write a cover letter sample?

How to make a nice cover letter example can seem complicated (especially if it is the first time). To overcome the initial obstacles and to identify the optimal structure that the letter should have, you can start by downloading and choosing an example of a cover letter sample and then personalizing it in the best way.

To be effective, the cover letter example for job must explain why the candidate is the right person to fill the job offer or to enter the company. To prepare a successful letter, you must first collect as many details as possible about the company and the desired position : with a lot of information it will be easier to write a successful cover letter. How can you find them? Useful ideas taken from newspapers and the web, visiting the company website to understand what are the most important investment areas of the company, what is its vision, what are its key values ​​and new projects. In the search for this information, nothing is more useful than social networks (primarily Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) to grasp the company’s communication style, how it interacts with communities and what is the point of view of people about the company. In short, those who search find (and will not find themselves writing a generic cover letter)!

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Different resume cover letter template for different positions

It is essential to differentiate the short cover letter examples.

The letter may have a similar or equal part for all applications, but it must be adapted highlighting each time the experience or competence more in line with the announcement.

Why are you the best candidate for that job offer? It is essential that you describe it in the letter, indicating the type of contribution you can make thanks to your background and the experience gained in the role you previously held or in the training courses followed.

It is important to always keep in mind that the goal of the short cover letter, as well as that of the curriculum vitae, is to go to the interview.

Some tips on how to get attention with a brief cover letter:

  •     First of all, it highlights the motivations that led you to respond to that specific job offer, the stimuli, the reason why you chose that company rather than another. A practical cover letter is your chance to express yourself fully (but don’t write a novel!).
  •     Highlight the strong points: real strengths can be internships, work experiences, theses and research on issues of corporate interest, certified knowledge of multiple languages ​​and also a particular personal interest in the company’s strategic activities. This will be useful especially in case of a letter of spontaneous application: make yourself really interesting.
  •     Important: be exhaustive, but at the same time concise and relevant. A good cover letter is neither too long nor too short, but it is complete. A recruiter will surely notice if you are motivated and if your hiring can bring added value to society: these are the characteristics that must catch the eye from the cover letter.
  •     To maintain the attention of the recruiter it is essential that your presentation letter is neat and well structured in form and content, and no longer than 10-12 lines.
  •     Nothing is more harmful, for a letter of presentation of spelling or typing errors, synonymous with poor attention and reliability. It is advisable to reread it several times at the end of the draft (even with someone to help you).
  •     Try to keep the recruiter’s attention to the end, always keeping in mind to express the added value that you are bringing to the company.
  •     Always highlight your qualities and skills, but not as a simple list, motivate them rather with your experiences and concrete examples in which to show the skills gained.
  •     Added value to society: these are the characteristics that must catch the eye from the cover letter.
  •     You can just use our free cover letter with experience if you don’t want to write it from scratch. A cover letter sample PDF is provided.

With all these recommendations, you have all the  necessary tools to make a perfect cover letter example.

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