How to decide which car to buy?

For the conscious and intelligent purchase of a new car, because choosing a new car is not easy!

Buying a new car is always a step that must be evaluated very carefully. The choices offered are almost endless, but finding the right machine for your needs is often more complicated than expected.

We have decided to provide some useful tips to facilitate the choice of the car to buy and arrive definitely prepared at the dealership, knowing what you want.

To choose the right car for your needs you need to:

  1. Understanding which type of car to buy
  2. Read up before choosing the car
  3. Evaluate the characteristics of the vehicle.

What type of car to buy?

The first question that must be asked when buying a car is to understand what kind of car you really need. In particular, it is necessary to stop on two fundamental points:

  • Evaluate the budget
  • Evaluate usage

Obviously, the first point from which to start during the car evaluation phase is always the budget available. We can start eliminating all those car models out of our reach. Subsequently, the main use that will be made of the car must be evaluated. If, for example, the car is used only in the city for the journey from home to work, then the car to buy must necessarily be a city ​​car or in any case a compact car so as not to suffer excessively when looking for a parking space.

If, on the other hand, the car is used mainly for extra-urban journeys, then the choice may also fall on larger models, capable of travelling in total comfort.

How to read up before choosing the car

Unlike what happened about twenty years ago when the only sources from which to know the strengths and weaknesses of a car were specialized magazines, today with the advent of the internet you can instantly know all the characteristics of a car that you want to buy. Before going to the dealer , therefore, it is good to:

As always, it is essential to choose well-known sites to obtain reliable information, and it is also possible to admire real road tests of the cars of your interest thanks to the numerous dedicated YouTube channels.

Before buying a new car, you will have to find out about the prices, the equipment and the engines available, so as to choose the car that best suits your needs, but that’s not all.

In fact, every self-respecting motorist will also have to make an estimate of the running costs of the vehicle he intends to purchase. Therefore, the cost of insurance, road tax, coupons and maintenance will have to be evaluated in order to understand whether or not you can have a budget available to maintain the future car.

Which car to buy: evaluate the characteristics

After evaluating the type of car that best suits your needs and carrying out all the necessary research, the time has come to make an evaluation of the characteristics of the cars considered most interesting, such as:

  • Engine
  • Options

First you will have to understand what type of power to choose : petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric.

The Usage of the car

Obviously this decision depends on the use of the car. If you travel large annual distances, the choice of diesel is the most obvious one, while if the use of the car is sporadic, the forced alternative is that of the petrol engine .

The hybrid can be fine if you use the car mainly in the city because with the entry into operation of the electrical part it is possible to obtain reduced consumption, while the electric can prove to be a correct choice even in case of extra-urban use as long as you plan in advance stops for fast charging.

Also evaluate the options you will want on the car to buy. It is useless to enrich the list of accessories and then find yourself with a large bill to pay.

Think rather of those devices that you consider absolutely essential in the passenger compartment and without which you would only have discomfort. This way you can configure the car according to your tastes without spending a fortune.

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