Buy a used car in Nigeria 2020


Buying used cars can be a good investment: here are some tips for  closing a good deal.

Buying used cars cars can be a good investment that allows you to save money. Many second-hand cars can still give excellent performances. Especially if they had and recommended maintenance. Today, in fact, a car is produced to reach 350,000 km and can last up to 18 years.

When deciding on this type of purchase, there are some parameters that must be verified. This little article presents some tips that help you prevent unpleasant mistakes. Here is our guide.

Is it better to buy from a private individual or from a dealer?

The first question that arises is whether it is better to buy from a private individual or from an authorized dealer , or a dealer. In the first case the required cost is certainly lower but it must be remembered that there is no guarantee for the car. If, on the other hand, you decide to buy the car from a dealer, you have a guarantee of at least one year.

The first piece of advice is, therefore, to move towards those who sell and buy cars as a profession. Finally, do not forget that if you buy a car from a private individual, you will have to take care of the change of ownership directly.

How much is a second hand car worth?

Before completing the purchase, take a few minutes to find out about the second hand car prices.

The value of the car is defined through standard criteria relating to mileage, equipment and services performed. But how do you calculate the price. You can refer to our article how to find the value of my car to learn how to do that.

Pay attention to the mileage

One of the most important parameters to understand how much to pay for a second hand car is certainly the mileage.

What to check

If you are not an expert, have a mechanic accompany you. He will inspect the engine for leaks, check the belts, cooling pipes and the functionality of the clutch and braking system.

It may happen that if the car is purchased without the appropriate checks and that after a short time it presents serious problems.

Purchase: the necessary documents

Always make sure the seller has all the necessary documents for the car.


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